How to write a nursing cover letter

To acquire a nursing position, you’ll be needing a clear and concise cover letter explaining how you’re a qualified candidate for the job you’re applying for. This consists of highlighting your aptness to accurately interact with your patients while displaying a great deal of support and empathy in their time of need.

Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

It is necessary to remember that the steps given below are for a hard copy cover letter. If you’re trying to create a cover letter for online submission or via email, you may skip steps 1 to 3. Here are some things to do while writing a cover letter for a nursing job:

List your name and contact information

It’s necessary to begin by listing your name and address while you’re creating your cover letter. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most basic example is given below.

Jona Appleseed
[email protected]
Phone number

Write the date

Do not forget to list the date when you’re planning on sending the cover letter. This can be done after you list your name and contact information. The date can be placed a line after your address and a line before the recipient’s name and contact information. Refer below to see how this will look,

Jona Appleseed
[email protected]
Phone number

Aug. 21, 2021

List the recipient’s name and contact information

After adding the date, make sure you write the recipient’s name and contact information. Refer to the job posting or the company’s website if you don’t have the information. This section will turn out to be like the following:

Jona Appleseed
[email protected]
Phone number

Aug. 21, 2021

Mike Smith
XYZ Company

Begin with a standard, professional greeting

This will be the perfect step, to begin with, if you’re writing an email cover letter. Your cover letter must have a professional greeting, such as “Hello” or “Dear.”

Write an opening paragraph

Be certain that you add in the title of the position you want to apply for as you write your opening paragraph. You can then include the reason why you want to apply and your interest in the job in specific.

Follow with a paragraph about your background in the nursing industry

Begin preparing the body of your cover letter after your introductory paragraph, you must do this by including a paragraph reflecting on your background in the nursing industry. This means to note down any applicable qualifications as it concerns this role.
Some things you might include are your specific achievements or skills that show you’re a qualified candidate for the position you want to apply for. Don’t forget to mention any influence you’ve made in your past roles and how they can be put into the level you’re applying for now.

Prepare the next paragraph about your key qualifications

Try to include any narratives that exhibit your qualifications for this role, in your second paragraph. Broaden the explanations about your skills and achievements that make you a qualified candidate.

Write a conclusion

Next, add in an ending paragraph where you restate why you would be a good fit for the role. Don’t miss out on expressing your zeal again and incorporate a call to action. Specifically, you could say that you’d be eager to receive their feedback with the next steps in the hiring process.

Include a professional sign-off

In the end, just wind up your cover letter with a professional signature, for example, “Sincerely,” and then your full name. Your nursing cover letter will conclude on a positive note with the right language.

Tips for writing your nursing cover letter

These are a few tips you could consider while forming your nursing cover letter.


Do some research about the ways of the company you’re applying to before you write your cover letter. Also, get to know what the healthcare facility is seeking in particular and study the job posting.

Be relevant

Be certain that the skills, experiences, qualifications, and achievements you want to list on your cover letter are valid for a nursing position.

Include soft skills

It can be easy to ignore these skills but try not to forget to add in soft skills with your typical nursing skills. Nurses must possess a range of soft skills, such as general interpersonal skills, and communication skills, as they’re working with their patients all through most parts of their day.

Check for errors

Just like any other job, you must exhibit good attention to detail by being certain your cover letter does not have any errors.


Here’s an example for you to consider while writing your nursing cover letter:

Jona Appleseed
456 Sun St., Flint, MI 55555
[email protected]

Aug. 21, 2021

Mike Smith
Blessing Hospital
456 Luna St., Flint, MI 55555

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am thrilled to express my intrigue in the nurse practitioner role at Blessing Hospital. I believe I’m a qualified candidate for this position as I have experience in related roles. I received my master’s degree in nursing from Capital One University, and in the course of my most recent position, I attained experience operating in a highly commended hospital such as your own. I believe my nursing expertise, medical skills, and bedside manner show that I’m an ideal fit for the nurse practitioner position at Blessing Hospital.

I’ve received all-important experience in several medical settings, like the neonatal unit, home health services, and the emergency room, throughout my time as a nursing professional. I have great attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills, and communication skills. I persist in maintaining good relations with my patients and also their families, I empathize with them in the patient’s time of need. I assure you that all patients and their families are not just well cared for, but also they’re kept up-to-date on the treatment plan and made ready for situations outside of the facility, as well.

My range of nursing expertise and skills make me a sturdy candidate for the nursing practitioner role at Blessing Hospital. I’ve been handling a multitude of several cases each day, and I have faith in my capacity to bring my varied set of skills to your medical facility. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Jona Appleseed

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